TPAC stands for These People Are Crazy.

TPAC – name origin

The idea for the name is nothing special. It comes from an obscure Tom Green video clip in which he shows up to an Elvis impersonator (contest?) and starts pissing everyone off. If I remember correctly, he’s squirming on the ground while wearing a motorcycle helmet shouting incoherent things. After people start to get upset he says over and over..”these people are crazy!” After repeatedly watching this video in college I guess the phrase just kind of stuck in my mind.

TPAC – concept

When I first started the blog, I liked the idea of having a journal in which I could jot down personal thoughts about my own life and then (more importantly) take note of all the craziness that happened around me. Through the power of observation and the plethora of weirdness in this world I figured I would have plenty of material to write about (that was 8 years ago). Eventually, I decided to take away the journal aspect of the blog since it wasn’t as fun to write and I suspect even less fun to read. I always liked the idea of writing for entertainment and hoped that people checking out my blog would find it enjoyable.

TPAC – rules

I actually set rules for my blog so that I can avoid overly controversial topics and/or revealing too much about my personal life and thoughts. I wanted the blog to be light-hearted, fun, and the only way to keep that going was to make rules to help resist the temptation to make things too serious. The rules are as follows:
1. Do not write about politics.
2. Do not write about religion.
3. Do not write in the blog as if it were a diary.
4. Do not write when you feel depressed (especially if you want to write about feeling depressed).
5. Do not write about your work or fellow employees/volunteers unless it is in a positive light.

And that’s about it. I hope you will have as much fun reading my content as I have writing it.


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