3 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Posting Something On Social Media

This will help you become a better poster. Before you fire away with the latest comment, update, tweet, pic or whatever, here’s the 3 questions you should ask yourself:

1. Does anyone care? Answer: no.

2. Have I posted this before? (I’m looking at you, people who post about your workouts)

3. Did I spell everything correctly?

The answer to question 1 (no) is really the answer to the other two questions as well. It’s precisely because people don’t care – and I mean in general (yes, my mother cares) – that they’ll roll their eyes and consider hiding/unfollowing/unsubscribing to you when you post, again, that photo of your latest salad creation, or that today is legs day. It’s also because they don’t care that when you try to share something but spell it wrong they’ll troll you ad hominem instead of contribute to the conversation.

Hope this was helpful.

And yes, I know you don’t care either which is why we’re all going to look at cat videos now.



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