Not all of these (or any?) are bad, just kind of felt a little disappointing and so soiled my experience.

1. The Dark Knight Rises (3) – There’s a lot of things I could pick on here, but the main this was this: the movie was seriously lacking scenes of Batman being Batman. You could have titled this movie Bruce Wayne Rises.

2. 2001: A Space Odessy (2) – I know it’s supposed to be great. Even after watching some of the bonus material about Stanely Kubrick attempting to make a legend it still seemed to be the longest movie of my life. I really like sci-fi but this was too weird and obscure.

3. Brave (2.5) – Even Pixar is capable of churning out mediocre – though it happens so frequently that when I see the little lamp hopping just before the opening credits I still always expecting something great. This one was only good.

4. The Hobbit (3) – Let’s sit down over coffee and I’ll tell you a list of reasons I was disappointed with this. But here, I’ll be quick about it. The overall look and feel of the movie seemed a bit childish and cheap. Against the backdrop of the existing LotR movies this movie just seemed a bit of a let down. (to be fair, this is how it goes in terms of the books as well, but I was disappointed that Jackson’s interpretations aren’t the same caliber)

5. Total Recall (2) – They don’t go to Mars. It’s like remaking Star Wars and leaving out the Death Star.

6. Men In Black 3 (2) – Aside from Josh Brolin’s outstanding impersonation of Tommy Lee Jones, I didn’t think much of the humor or the action. The story (TWIST!) finished nicely, but it took too long for the pay-off to be worth it.

7. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (2) – How can you make a movie about Honest Abe slaying vampires boring? I’m not sure but it happens right about 1/2 way through the film (when he stops slaying vampires). All of a sudden the whole fun of the thing lands with a thud and never recovers.


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