I watched a grand total of 105 movies in 2012. I made a note of each movie as I watched it, including a number (1-4) representing my evaluation of it’s entertainment value. I will be sharing this week some of my favorites and least favorites. It was a great year for movies!

When I tell people I write down every movie that I watch, they always seem intrigued. Why do I do that? It’s simple. There are two reasons:

1. In the last 3 years that I’ve done this, I’ve seen over 300 movies – it’s a lot to keep track of! Now that I’m making lists I can check to see what I’ve seen. It makes it easy to not accidentally rent a movie I’ve seen (which I’ve done before!).

2. The best reason, however, is this. When someone asks (and they often do), “have you seen any good movies lately?”, instead of trying to jog my memory and just spout off the last thing that I saw, I can pause for a few moments, look at my list and respond truthfully with a movie that I recently enjoyed. I can do this because I’ve written them down and rated them. All of them.

I like to consider myself a credible source for both movie recommendation and movie discussion. I’m no critic by any means, but since I started paying more attention to what I was seeing and why I liked or disliked it, I’ve found movie-watching to be a fulfilling and rewarding experience.


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