After I’m caught up here, I think I’ll start writing again. But until then, I present to you…summer movies!

53. The Full Monty – 2.5 (normal, read:ugly, guys learn to be strippers for one show. kind of funny)
54. Chariots of Fire – 2.5 (can’t figure out until 1/2 way through the movie who I’m supposed to be paying attention to)
55. Nowhere Boy – 1 (I know I caught a few z’s during this. It goes nowhere – zing!)
56. Moonrise Kingdom – 4 (Wes Anderson does it again!)
57. Men In Black 3 – 2 (despite a pretty good impression of Tommy Lee Jones by Josh Brolin, this is just a blah sci-fi popcorn flick)
58. Jackass 3 – 2.5 (I shouldn’t have laughed as much as I did. Quite a bit of gross factor though)
59. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Slayer – 2 (somewhere about 1/2 way into the movie it really starts to drag and loses its fun factor)
60. Princess Mononoke – 2.5 (middle of the road anime. not bad. not great)
61. The Amazing Spiderman – 3 (it was a fun movie that didn’t need to be made giving us the origin of Spiderman which we all already know)
62. Dark Knight Rises – 3 (Hurt by it’s own hype and the lack of cool batman scenes)
63. 2001: A Space Odyssey – 2 (There’s really not much to see here. Movie picks up and then drops you off on the way to psychoville)
64. Total Recall – 2 (bad remake is bad – there’s no mars!)
65. Ironclad – 2 (a medieval flick that just doesn’t quite let you care about any characters)
66. Merlin – 2 (made for TV movie that’s fun but lack of polish makes it seem goofy)
67. True Grit – 4 (this is the 2010 remake and it is all kinds of awesome)
68. Immortals – 2.5 (I thought this was fun in spite of being covered in an inch of CGI)
68. The Red Baron – 2.5 (boring, but not bad)
69. Conan The Barbarian – 2 (another useless remake)
70. The Outsiders – 3 (tragic movie without the redemption you so want it to have)
71. Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark – 4 (yes! Watching this as an adult has opened my eyes to some of the more subtle nuances of the film – ps. the Nazis aren’t Jones’ real rival here!)
72. Moon – 4 (probably one of my top 10 sci-fi movies of all time)
73. The Terminator – 3 (the use of puppets seems even more obvious with the special effects we have now, but the pure menace of Arnold as the Terminator makes this a thrill to watch)

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