I’ve got some catching up to do. So here’s the lowdown:

28. Fight Club – 4 (Disturbing. Awesome)
29. Goonies – 4 (This is probably the best kid-actor movie of all time. Older brother is Josh Brolin? Whaaatt?)
30. Gremlins – 2.5 (A horror movie that employs more nostalgia and humor than fright)
31. Titanic 3D – 3 (I expected to love it now that I’m older and more mature. I didn’t love it)
32. Across The Universe – 2+ (The good is the Beatles music. The rest is pretty blah.)
33. Contagion – 1 (so far the worst movie of 2012 – no acting required)
34. Anchorman – 3 (it’s kind of a big deal)
35. Away We Go – 4 (this is one of my favorite chick-flicks)
36. Cabin In The Woods – 3 (uses horror cliche to tell a new kind of horror story. Well done!)
37. Highlander – 2+ (I know I slept through some of it. The action hasn’t really held up)
38. Real Steel – 2+ (predictable. It’s kind of a kids/family movie, would’ve been better to ditch the robots)
39. The Dark Knight – 4 (yeah yeah awesome batman movie)
40. Iron Man – 4 (one of the best superhero movies)
41. The Incredible Hulk – 3 (an improvement over Hulk. Ed Norton was better than Eric Bana)
42. Iron Man 2 – 2 (bad. This movie is just bad)
43. Thor – 3 (passable. I wish Thor had his powers for more of the movie. Really enjoy Loki as a character)
44. Captain America – 3 (A bit slow in parts but overall a great flick. Tommy Lee Jones is a riot)
45. The Avengers – 4 (Best hero movie ever? Maybe)
46. Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope –  4 (the first of the best sci-fi trilogy of all time)
47. Drive Angry – 2 (Nick Cage a pseudo demon from hell drives a car to….I just can’t remember anymore)
48. Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back – 4 (this truly is the best in the series)
49. Dark Shadows – 2 (boring. I figure the TV show was much better. Is Depp slipping?)
50. Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi – 4 (Ewoks can’t even spoil this great movie!)
51. The Avengers – 4 (again. awesome again.)

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