17. I Love You, Man – This is bromance at it’s vulgar finest. I really enjoyed Paul Rudd’s character who is so very awkward but without being the butt of every sad joke the way a Ben Stiller movie would’ve played. (4)

18. Rabbit Hole – This is a strange movie I watched simply because of it’s critical acclaim. It was good, but it’s also forgettable. Great acting, but if you don’t see a lot of movies, it’s a safe one to skip. (3)

19. Act Of Valor – This was an interesting concept. Use actual military personnel as the cast to an action movie featuring special forces action. The problem was that eventually they had to talk and what came out was pretty bad. (2)

20. Biutiful – I kept waiting for this to get interesting. File this away in the “hard to watch” category. The content is gritty and you may have a hard time being entertained. Also, it’s foreign so if you aren’t into subtitles, you can skip. (2)

21. Lord of The Rings: Fellowship of the Ring – A fantasy epic that cannot be matched in terms of scope and story. This is easily the best book to movie adaptation money can buy.

22. Limitless – Fun. You will enjoy this. The moral of the story is: drugs will make you awesome. (3)

23. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Pure nostalgia. Cory Feldman is the voice of Donatello, FYI. (3)

24. The Princess Bride – A classic for sure. Funny, romantic, adventurous, and above all. Quotable! (4)

25. Wrath of the Titans – If you saw the new Clash of the Titans you’ve seen enough. If you haven’t then I don’t really recommend either. Popcorn fodder. (2)

26. Away We Go – As far as indie films go, this one is completely accessable. You don’t every feel like you aren’t hip enough to “get it.” You’ll probably notice how genuine everything feels. I really enjoy movies with dialog that seems real. Also, it’s very funny. (4)

27. The Hunger Games – I’m really glad I read the book first. I think being emotionally connected to the characters from the start makes the experience much more meaningful. (3)


2 thoughts on “The Movies of March 2012

  1. I have now read book two in the Hunger Games series. I think it’s a good story but I could do without the conflicted teenage romantic angle.

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