I don’t like to talk about the weather. I especially don’t like to share my weather opinions via social networking, however, I have some serious concerns and they are as follows.

1. We are missing out on some dynamite jacket weather. Jackets are awesome — mainly because of pockets. But still that’s a good reason to have not-so-hot weather. I can wear a light jacket that looks cool AND can help me find a good place for my car keys.

2. I should still be using my garage as a fridge. Who has fridge space for 3+ varieties of …soda and a 24pk of bottled water? Not me. This is dumb.

3. If it’s 80 now, what will it be like when it’s supposed to be 80. 120? That’s bad! All this weather is not helping to disprove my theory of an inevitable insect related apocalypse. You just wait. In August we’ll have t-rex mosquito’s and when our civilization has died out and been reborn some future scientist is going to discover one of those t-rex mosquitos perfectly preserved in a deposit of amber and use it’s DNA to fully construct an amusement park where they grow people from the 21st century. Only we’ll be way smarter than they anticipate and overrun the park and kill a whole bunch of people until a few futuristic and annoying bratty kids (who also happen to be computer hackers) will save the day to an outstanding score by John Williams.


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