Almost forgot that I do this now. Here’s what I saw and what I thought.

10. 50/50 – Some of the very best dialog I’ve heard in a while (in a movie) as it seems honest and not forced. I wonder how this movie would be viewed by someone who has personally struggled with cancer. I highly recommend. (4)

11. Drive – I’m on a Ryan Gossling bender. Unlike the previous movie there is very little and very strange dialog. Still this movie is great. Probably too violent for some, but you may enjoy the mysterious main character. If anything, the soundtrack is memorable. (4)

12. The Artist – Silence is, as they say, golden. About 1/2 way in you will forget that there is no audible dialog. Great story, great (over) acting, and a nice change of pace from typical western cinema. (4)

13. Midnight In Paris – I recognized that I was watching a great movie but due to my lack of knowledge of art/lit history, some of the fun was lost on me. (2+)

14. Chronicle – There’s a fantastic story brewing in this movie but I don’t think the filmmakers quite tapped into it enough. “Found footage” needs to start getting lost. (zing) Worth a rental. (2+)

15. Ides of March – RYAN GOSSLING!!!!! I don’t know anything about politics. If I did, this might have been much more appealing to me. (3)

16. Soul Surfer – Forced dialog. Bad acting. Heavy handed message that wasn’t focused enough to make a real impact. What saves it is that it’s a real person and series of events. Very inspiring. (2)


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