This will come across as sexist to some, but it’s all in good fun.

Chick flicks. That normally refers to rom coms or other movies where nothing really happens except maybe a young girl finds her one true love or some crap like that. So I’m borrowing the phrasing for chick restaurant. Here’s the ways you know:

1. The name of the place includes a woman’s name and the word Cafe.

2. There are tons of things on the menu that you can’t pronounce and nobody seems to be bothered by this.

3. There’s lots of things containing avocado and none of them are guacamole.

4. The restaurant is a located in a house.

5. The word “panini” appears anywhere on the menu.

6. You notice that the Red Hat Society has an entire section marked off for their party.

7. The word “greens” is used instead of “lettuce” or “salad.”

8. A “reduction” has absolutely nothing to do with your bill amount.

9. There a whole bunch of trinkets and things you’ve seen in old ladies’ bathrooms being sold in the lobby area.

10. An unusual amount of items on the menu containing meat are all made with turkey breast.

11. The soups are seriously considered an entree

12. You are going there because of something you saw on Pinterest (zing!)

13. You are going there based off a dessert recommendation

14. There’s a bunch of stuff made with goat cheese.

15. The only TV in the joint is playing Ellen.


6 thoughts on “15 Ways to Know You are in a “Chick” Restaurant

  1. No combo meals is another one. I just want to walk up to the counter, say #3 and move on…. I don’t care how quaint your establishment is….

  2. -you are afraid you might break something while walking to the restroom
    -there is an adundance of doilies (more than zero)
    -don’t serve fries

  3. You have been to Miss Amy B’s one too many times. On a side note, was that the place were I wrote the classic about bears run rampant through the forest?

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