I’m trying something new here. I’m still tracking my watched movies but I thought it would be fun to post at the end of the month what I’ve seen, a sentence or two about each one, and then my own rating. I’d like to see 100 movies or more this year and I’m on track for doing that. Here are the ones from January.

1. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo – believe it or not, this is better than the Swedish one. Though I think if you haven’t read the book, you have no real idea how the story fits together until 2/3 through it. (3+)
2. X-men: First Class – I gave it a second shot. Ultimately, the corny dialog and throw-away characters keep me from really enjoying the movie. (2+)
3. Trainspotting – Yikes. I am both fascinated by and repulsed by movies that vividly depict drug use and the lives of the users. (2)
4. Blue Valentine – This movie was almost the marital redemption movie that we need to see. My first time seeing Ryan Gosling. I’m impressed. (2+)
5. The Illusionist – Though nominated for an Academy Award for best animated feature, it didn’t win. The complete lack of dialog will turn many off.  (2+)
6. Hanna – The characters are spot on here. A believable action flick is kind of rare. I really enjoyed this. (3)
7. Tucker And Dale vs. Evil – Horror parody done the right way. Alan Tudyk can do no wrong! I don’t think this one made it to theaters, but you should give it a shot. (3)
8. The Advetures of TinTin – This was a whole lot of fun. Good family movie (PG) and a sense of adventure that feels similar to Indiana Jones. The animation* is a bit creepy, but you’ll get used to it. (3)
9. Crazy, Stupid, Love – Very funny movie. Steve Carell is great, but Ryan Gosling steals the show. (3)
*When you begin this movie it seems odd. It’s almost as if the action is moving in slow motion. I couldn’t quite put my thumb on it until about 1/2 way through the movie. In most animated movies (from Disney, Pixar, and Dreamworks) what you are watching is the CGI animated equivalent of a cartoon. In cartoons, actions go really fast. The exaggerated action is what gives cartoons a unique look and feel. So when the cartoon character falls, he’s drawn to fall much faster than how gravity as actually perceived and usually the character is also drawn stretched out to enhance the comical nature of what’s happening. In The Adventures of Tin Tin, there is a realism about the action and animation that you just aren’t used to seeing in an animated film. 

2 thoughts on “The Movies of January 2012

  1. Are you posting with the assumption that followers know the TRH rating system? PS Now that you’ve discovered Ryan Gosling, check out Lars and the Real Girl.

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