Raising The Bar [in the express lane]

Tonight I went to Walmart. I was only buying 3 things. A bucket of chicken and some Hawaiian Sweet rolls. With only those things in hand I got in line at one of the six full express checkout lanes. I guess it was a popular night to buy less than 20 items.

When my cashier was ringing me up she asked, “are the rolls a part of the deal?”

I misunderstood her at first thinking she was asking if they were a part of my pile of groceries. I responded with, ‘yes.’ After a few moments and seeing my total, I realized that she assumed that my rolls were a part of some Buy-Chicken-Get-Bread deal that I wasn’t aware of. So I did the right thing and told her that I shouldn’t be getting the rolls for free. As far as I understood, I should be paying for them.

She responded by saying she didn’t want to mess that up because she had already done that once today. I guess there is a deal that nobody told me about or some other customer pulled a fast one on her? It doesn’t really matter. She grabbed my packages and started to walk away from the register saying she’d check with the deli to see if the rolls should be free.

I lifted my hands in protest. I said, “no that’s okay, I’ll pay for them.”

She responded, “are you sure? He right over there?”

To which I replied, “no please, let me just pay for them. This is the express lane so let’s get on with it.” I glanced back and the two guys in line behind me chuckled. I know, however, that deep down inside they were thinking, “HOLY GOOD LORD THANK YOU FOR NOT BEING THAT GUY!!!” One guy even said, “I don’t mind waiting if it will save you a few dollars.”

“Nah, that’s okay. It’s not a big deal.”

Then the cashier said, “I’ll just give you one for free in case.”

You see that?!?! I was rewarded for doing my part to keep the express lane moving quickly. So please all of you who write checks, bring coupons, pay with cash, or purchase those rare items that aren’t clearly priced…please know that you represent the bane of the shopping experience. If you, by virtue of what you are buying or how you are paying cannot move in a quick manner, the express lane is not for you. It is for those of us willing to walk a little faster, pay a little more, and ignore good deals in order to get out of the store faster.


4 thoughts on “Raising The Bar [in the express lane]

    1. The last time I got really worked up in the express lane because a lady had SO MANY items in her cart I was going to actually say something out loud about it. Just to be safe, I counted each item as she pulled it out of her cart and she had exactly 20. Good thing I didn’t jump the gun.

  1. Clearly, you are in guy shopping mode. Guys (including your Dad) just pick up the item they want and they they want out of the shopping arena as quickly as possible. “Don’t bother me with the price.” It doesn’t matter if you can save a few pennies here or there. Dad and I talked about this very thing this past week. You may have been in the express lane, but I bet you’d feel this way in any lane.

    Sometime integrity has its rewards, too, or something like that.

  2. what’s wrong with paying cash? You don’t have to risk the “Oh the computer is really slow today”. Plus you don’t have to sign for it, although a lot of places are going to no signing below a certain $ amount.

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