I Am Official!

Ok so I decided to go ahead and buy a domain! This is very exciting news because now if you look up in the address bar, you’ll notice that this blog is now thesepeoplearecrazy.us  How cool is that?!

this cool?

I’ve been wanting to do this for a while and so to stake my claim on this world wide web, (and for surprisingly little cost) I bought my own web address. Now you might notice that instead of ‘.com’ I chose ‘.us.’ Why would I do that? Because some knucklehead has already purchased thesepeoplearecrazy[dot]com. And of course it’s just a parked page which means either someone is in the process of building a site but it isn’t ready (this is unlikely) OR they snatched up that domain in hopes that one day someone would want that domain and pay upwards of $70 plus commission. Yeah forget that. The domain I bought was like four dollars.

What can you do? First of all, you can change your bookmark or your reader feed to point at thesepeoplearecrazy.us (no ‘www’ necessary). The old wordpress address will still work and simply direct you to the .us domain. But change it anyway so I feel cool. Second, don’t go to thesepeoplearecrazy[dot]com and if you do DON’T click on anything. The only thing you can do there is click on ads (which generates ad revenue for previously mentioned knuckleheads) or try and purchase the domain for yourself.

Anyway, thanks for reading and though I haven’t been writing much lately, I will pick things up here soon. A new job and a quick move has kept me from being able to point out all the people that are crazy for you.


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