I’ve been wanting to post more on this blog, but generating my own content on a regular basis can be time consuming and well, sometimes I just don’t have something to write or I’ve got an idea but it isn’t fully formed. So, I’m starting something new where I give you all a noteworthy video to watch once a week. Enjoy this first installment about a guy who has lots of soda.

Edit: Credit goes to my friend Ryan Antrim for spotting this video and sending me a link.


6 thoughts on “Video Of The Week: Soda

  1. What a cool video, place, guy! This whole industry of independent bottling and the cola giants of Pepsi & Coke remind me of the craft brewing industry. The beer market is dominated by those that use cheap ingredients and mass market, while the smaller breweries make a better product, but can’t market in the same way. It makes me wonder what I’ve been missing out on in the soda world.

  2. I looked it up online and it is in Los Angeles. I saw that they have a lot of regular soda like Dr. Pepper and Coke but made with cane sugar. I wonder if there are other places to get those. I did go buy some cane sugar soda after watching this!!

    1. If you buy coke that’s made in mexico, it’s made w/ sugar rather than corn syrup. Usually you can get that stuff at local super markets. They have it at Jewel right here in Yorkville.

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