So thankful this movie isn’t in 3D!

Standing in line for Raisinettes which I refer to as nature’s candy wrapped in man’s candy but seeing a box of gummy bears puts that dang theme song in my head.

3 rows up. Seats in the middle. Lucas goes for those seats every time.

That second half of a frisco melt was a mistake.

Got my ticket for free because of technical difficulties last time I was at the theater. Considering sneaking into an already started xmen when this is over just to see those final 15 minutes.

Phone on silent.

These commercials are terrible. What happened to the fun movie facts? Ok that Microsoft/Halo one was pretty good.

I think movies should cost as much as their average reviewed scored (on a scale from 1-10)

Chevy might consider rebranding if the next transformers is as terrible as the last.

I guess this movie is set in 1979…good year.

Planet of the apes trailer….weird.

Rockem sockem robots movie: “you thought we couldn’t make a movie about everything.” -Eric Franklin

Zoo Keeper…Kevin James. Never was funny. Talking animals won’t change that.

Cowboys vs. Aliens. No matter how silly it looks I’ll love this movie. Olivia Wilde is hot, Daniel Craig is tough, harison ford is the bomb….and Sam Rockwell is ++++1 baby!

Captain America: movie promoting drug use. I’m pumped though, and Hugo Weaving is
almost always in a mask.

Another preview ….oh Transformers III. One of the only movie franchises capable of making John Turturro difficult to enjoy.

Ah, the Coke commercial signifying that it’s time for the movie to begin!


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