The Best Idea In The History of Today

Mark June 13, 2011 on your calendar as the day I had probably the greatest idea of anyone. I’ll claim at least in the last 24 hours nobody has had such a great idea as this:

When you are grocery shopping and you consider what you might have for lunch and all you really think of is sandwiches and salads you head straight to the section of the super market that sells pre-cooked and sliced lunch meat. Maybe you are fancy and actually go to the deli but there you have it. It’s going to be a varied selection of beef, ham, chicken, or turkey. It all generally looks the same and, honestly, tastes the same too.

glorious meat

Now think about all the times you’ve made tacos at home and all the taco meat is gone but you still have 1/2 a head of lettuce, some sour cream, and 3-5 tortillias. What happens to those tortillias? Well if you are 5 years old or hate food, they become “quesadillias” but if you are anything like me they just kind of sit around and are forgotten. After a few occasions of tacos you end up throwing out several, mostly empty packages of shells.

This is the best brand in case you were wondering

Now my idea is that in addition to the traditional lunch meats, the stores should offer little plastic containers of taco meat. Brilliant?! Yes, I thought so too. Think about all the amazing lunch possibilities! Nachos, taco salads, or straight up tacos. By making taco meat more accessible and less of a hassle, your lunch selections and therefore your life will become so much more awesome.

life improvement plan

Coming in the summer of 2012: World Famous Taco Lunch Meat.

You can thank me will your hardly earned dollars.


2 thoughts on “The Best Idea In The History of Today

  1. I don’t care for tacos, even if they are ‘world famous’, but I do love me some wheat tortillas — I smother them in peanut butter and jelly and either place another on top or roll it all up and eat it like a pb&j — it’s just REALLY messy! But, oh so yummy

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