Is Facebook WORSE For Women?

I’ve spent some considerable words on this [not so] humble blog complaining about the questionable things people do on everyone’s favorite social network, Facebook. It is no secret that despite my rabid use of social tools, they annoy me greatly. So I see it as a sort of gift that I was accidentally included in the following FB invite giving me something new to expose and make fun of. I had no idea it was this bad, and for all the sane women out there, my heart goes out to you:


We are playing a game. Someone proposed that we GIRLS do something special on Facebook to help with Breast Cancer Awareness. Its easy, and Id like you to join us to help it spread. Last year it was about writing the color of the bra that your were wearing in your Fb status and it left men wondering for days why th…e girls had random colors as their status. This year it has to do with your relationship status. You will where you are, by posting one of the codes below. Remember DO NOT REPLY,JUST POST IN YOUR STATUS ON YOUR WALL TO CONFUSE THE GUYS. Then invite all your female friends to join this event

Blueberry: Im single
Pinapple: its complicated
Raspberry: Im a touch and go woman
Apple: Engaged
Cherry: In a relationship
Banana: Im married
Avocado: Im the “other one”
Strawberry: Cant find the right one
Lemon: Wish i was single
Grape: wants to get married.
Passion fruit: Widowed
Peach:Same sex partnership/Domestic Partners

The bra game reached TV, lets get this one to do the same, and show everyone how powerful women are

That’s a straight copy & paste. Here are my comments to such ridiculousness.

1. First of all, LAME! Seriously, this is lame.

2. If you want to make people aware of something important (like breast cancer) don’t you think intentionally keeping 50% of the audience in the dark is a poor way to communicate? You are suggesting drawing attention to an issue by keeping a secret. Good thinking!

3. Hey do you want to make people aware of breast cancer, or do you want to show everyone how powerful women are? Or do you want to just confuse some guys?Or do you just like games? Or are you 10?

4. Bra colors connected to breast cancer makes sense because, you know, bras hold up those things. But fruit? Unless every single woman is going to write ‘melons’ as their FB status it just doesn’t fit (I really laughed while writing that one).


5. Some of the code is a little personal. I’m not sure I’d want to be an ‘avocado’ publicly, on Facebook, even if it’s true.

The main thing that I’d like to point out is that in the multiple years that I’ve been on Facebook, never has there ever been an invite like this from a guy for a bunch of guys to raise awareness for testicular cancer by putting the brand of your favorite jock strap as a status update (purely hypothetical). This leads me to conclude that if you GIRLS regularly get this kind of invite, Facebook must be a much, much, worse (read:annoying) place to be.


3 thoughts on “Is Facebook WORSE For Women?

  1. I find all that invite stuff to be slightly annoying. Right now there is the “Do you still want to be my friend?” thing going around. If I asked to be your friend in the first place… chances are I probably still do. If I respond occasionally on your posts… I probably still do. If you want to delete me as your friend, I guess that’s entirely up to you.

  2. Your are singing my song today! I HATE that stuff that goes around…..I do not respond to these ‘chain’ requests or to anyone’s farmville/mafia/treasure egg/iheart/hug, etc, etc requests either. No, I do not want to start a fish pond or a chess club or be the president of some place……if I did — I would post on my status. Until that time, please don’t bother me with this silliness.

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