Baby, You’re A Firework

Katy Perry currently has a popular song that addresses people who maybe don’t have much self-worth. You can hear it by clicking here. She argues in her lyrics that, no, you have a spark inside of you and once it ignites you are just like a firework. I’m not entirely sure that telling someone they are a firework is a good way to encourage him or her. Let’s think about fireworks:

1. It seems like people only really like/care about fireworks a few days out of the year. These days are the 4th of July and maybe a few days before or after. Once you’ve gone outside the realm of this holiday fireworks are kind of annoying, and dangerous, and illegal [if you watch 30 Rock, think about Jack’s tribute episode to fireworks].

2. Fireworks don’t really last long. A single firework only lasts a few seconds. It spends a few moments reaching its height, it bursts in radiant color and then is completely burned out and nothing but garbage remains.

3. A firework isn’t all that impressive. Unless it is bundled with hundreds of other fireworks nobody is going to flock to the baseball stadium or the streets of Indianapolis. If you advertised a firework show and then only launched one firework, people would be very dissatisfied.

ok kids, that's it. let's go home

So yeah, if you want to encourage someone by saying that people will hardly consider you which is good because you have a short shelf life and are exactly like everyone else, then okay I guess you can be a firework.

Though I don’t think that many things rhyme with “Baby you’re a super bright low cost energy efficient compact flourescent long lasting light bulb.”


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