Things NOT funny about The Office


In no particular order…

1. Michael Scott leaving the company (and creating his own company).

I feel like this was the worst few episodes in the entire show (so far). It was the complete opposite of what MS was about or would ever dream of doing. How many times did we watch his painful interviews where he expresses his undying love and commitment to Dunder Mifflin? And then he up and quits and makes a rival company…in the same building?! No. Just no. Also, go back and watch the VERY FIRST episode of the show and note how poorly Michael treats Pam. Now times that by 6 (seasons) and you are going to tell me that she’s going with him? Oh and Ryan despises Michael and yet he’s on board. It’s like they handed writing duties over to someone who’d never seen the show. I almost quit watching it during this bit.

2. Kathy Bates

This lady is not funny, period. Besides the show already has a fat, big haired lady. Phyllis. Also, I really liked David Wallace and the whole downfall of Dunder Mifflin was just kind of sad. David’s breakdown into the intro of Kathy Bates was a mess and more importantly not funny.

known for her extensive work in the field of comedy

3. Ryan becoming an annoying hipster, entrepreneurial, failure.

Fire guy! Ryan was always funny as a naive college kid who because of fear and inexperience wasn’t very successful at DM. Then came the ‘just okay’ part where he became an exec and spiraled out of control with drugs. But then he turned into an annoying trendy forever-temp jerk wad whose sole purpose is to make matters worse in whatever matter he finds himself in. He started off quiet but with a clue, now he’s clueless and obnoxious.

4. Darryl moving up.

It was awesome when Michael would go down to the warehouse and would always be outsmarted by the warehouse manager. When Darryl moved up to the office, his intelligence was less ironic. Also this happens via Kathy Bates so it can’t possibly be funny.

5. Kevin becoming dumber and dumber.

He just keeps getting dumber and dumber. Eventually he’ll just sit in his chair and drool for an entire episode.


6. Angela goes from self-righteous to just plain weird.

What 3 books would you take with you to a deserted island? I’d only take 2 books. The Bible and The Purpose Driven Life. AHAHAHAHAHA!!!! That’s comedy. She used to be this pretentious, judgemental, stiff shirt, religious nut with a secret naughty side. Add in way to much content about her being crazy about cats and signing contracts for conception and things just get to weird (and not funny).

7. Jan

Making candles, living with Michael, and generally going off the deep end. She was funny as MS’s boss because though she was strangely attracted to him he drove her absolutely crazy. But then when she actually went crazy losing her professional facade it was just plain dumb. Good thing she’s gone for good.

incidentally, NOTHING about the British version of this show is funny.

Things that are ALWAYS funny in The Office

1. Awkwardness (Michael Scott)

He makes everyone uncomfortable and is the meat and potatoes of the show. More please.

2. Andy

Sing, dude. Sing.

3. The pranks

Which bear is best? False. Black bears are the best. Bears eat beets. Bears beat Battlestar Gallactica.

4. Dwight’s weirdness

He’ll never tip anyone for any job he can do himself. And we’d like him to stay that way.

5. Todd Packer

6. Michael hates Toby

Funnier when you consider the fact that Toby (Paul Lieberstein) is the exec producer of the show.

7. Sales calls (and other outside the office stuff)

It’s always a trip when the office folks take their craziness outside of the office.


5 thoughts on “Things NOT funny about The Office

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more! I’ve actually stopped watching The Office because it’s just not funny anymore and I can find other things to do or watch during that time — like DVD of Big Bang Theory — now THAT’S some funny stuff!!!

  2. Part of the downfall of the show had to do with making Michael Scott more likeable. Instead of him being an ignorant jerk like he was originally, they focused on making him more of a ditz with a big heart. Jim and Pam instantly got not funny when they hooked up. And the show focuses on relationships and drama. Boo.

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