Biggest (Movie) Disappointments – 2010

In no particular order are the following movies that I had high hopes for (maybe too high) and they just kind of let me down. Sometimes if your expectations are too built up a decent movie can seem kind of bad. A good number of the following I liked, but I wanted to like even more.

1. Inglourious Basterds – I go back and forth on Tarantino films. Have you seen Kill Bill? It’s so good and I wanted this movie to be good like that. Also, if it’s one thing we’ve learned from Indiana Jones, killing Nazis is always favorable in movies. I just couldn’t get into it. I was thrilled with Christopher Waltz’s performance and he deserves all the credit he got but it wasn’t enough to save the movie for me. 2 TPACS

2. Cop Out – Bruce Willis is my favorite. So it just hurts to see a movie like this put him in his usual tough guy/cop role and then mess it up w/ the outrageous comedy of  Tracy Morgan. Both of them separate are good things but together was kind of a mess. The plot was iffy, the villain(s) annoying, and a few scenes were just a min or so too long. I found myself laughing and enjoyed the humor (Seann William Scott was awesome), but overall this is not what I want from old Bruce. 2 TPACS

3. Iron Man 2 – This has been a bad year for Robert Downey Jr. Iron Man 2 has made me second guessing the future of Marvel movies and the highly anticipated Avengers storyline. This movie just made me mad. I knew it was going nowhere when Tony Stark got drunk and was dancing (yes dancing) around his own house party IN HIS SUIT and then Don Cheadle shows up and you are wondering who he is supposed to be and he runs off with one of the suits. He just walks in and takes it. Fast forward to the end and instead of a cool fight scene you have 10 min of Iron Man just flying around like a car chase only way more boring. Then the highly mobile Iron Man and War Machine duo nearly get killed by a guy with whips. Yes they can fly, shoot missles and lasers from a hundred yards away and decide to fight close quarters with a guy that has whips. WHIPS. lame. LAME. 2 TPACS (the more I think about this movie the lower it’s score becomes)

4. Scott Pilgrim Vs. The Words – SCVTW is a good movie, but it isn’t a great movie. It’s funny, has awesome video game and nerd-culture references and a fun story but the problem is the characters. I didn’t identify with any of the characters. Scott Pilgrim is just kind of dumb and crazy about this girl only when he gets her she ONLY mistreats him and they fight the whole time. There is almost no scene showing them enjoying one another or her reciprocating any kind of positive emotion to his blind infatuation. The whole time I’m thinking, “why does he even like her,” or “why would he continue to put up with that?” In the end I didn’t care if Scott got the girl, lived or died, or saved the day. The only person I felt for was Knives – I don’t think that’s intentional and it ruins the flow of the movie b/c it is most certainly not about her. 3 TPACS

5. Tron Legacy – This was a good movie and a lot of fun. I really like Jeff Bridges and the visual appeal of the world inside the computer was amazing to look at. The 3D was okay but as a rule I never make a big deal about the gimmicky technology. The downside was this: the story and characters are only so/so. Good but not great. I wanted this movie to blow me away and make me want to buy the lunch box or something, but it just feels underwhelming once you get past the visuals. Also, I can understand CGI Jeff Bridges inside the computer world. He is a computer program representation of himself. It makes sense. But using CGI to show 20ish year old Jeff Bridges interacting with his son was not pleasing in the least. It was as creepy as the Polar Express characters…with those empty, dead eyes…that stare into my soul. Anyway, you should see this movie especially if you’ve seen the first (which is terrible, by the way). Just don’t expect too much and DON’T go see it at midnight like I did. 3 TPACS

6. Shaun of the Dead – I really like Simon Pegg and I think Edgar Wright has some awefully witty and fun humor. Last year, Hot Fuzz made my list of biggest surprises and I gave it a whopping 4 TPACS. This movie is not just Hot Fuzz with zombies (well it kind of is). It has similar characters and humor but just sort of falls flat. Now that I think of it, Edgar Wright has two movies on this list (Scott Pilgrim). If you think a parody of zombie movies will be fun you might like this but I was a little bored. 2 TPACS

7. Clash of the Titans – In light of some amazing CGI that we witnessed in the past year (Avatar) it hurts to see a movie like this make such poor use of the medium. I didn’t see the original. I tried watching it a few months ago but got distracted and only got 30 min in. Anyway I thought this movie would rock but the performances were flat, the CGI over-used and cheesy, and they didn’t stick very close to the source material (as I was informed by my roommate). 2 TPACS

8. Alice in Wonderland – The CGI in Clash of the Titans was overused but Alice in Wonderland was so obnoxious they might have well just made the thing a full CGI cartoon. It was hideous to look at. I’m seriously losing faith in Tim Burton. First it was Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and now this?! Every second that I had to look at Helena Bonham Carter’s giant painted head on that tiny body I wanted to break the DVD in half. There are certain cartoons that shouldn’t be made into live-action films and this was definitely one of them. I thought a modern sequel to a beloved classic teamed with a proven and creative director would be a sure win. It surely wasn’t. 2 TPACS


4 thoughts on “Biggest (Movie) Disappointments – 2010

  1. I know that this list is subjective but you are objectively wrong on two accounts. Inglorious Basterds was a great movie. I agree about Tarantino films but this was his best by far. Secondly, Shaun of the dead was another great movie (not as good as Zombieland in my oppinion, but still worth more than 2 tpacs). Thirdly…I can’t believe that you had high hopes for Tron Legacy at all. The original sucked, why would a new version be better?

  2. I’ll stand by my opinion of IB. When Luc and I finished the movie at home we just kind of looked at each other and said, “that’s it?”

    Second, Shaun of the Dead was ok but compared to Hot Fuzz it just left me unsatisfied.

    Finally, please remember that a 2 = I didn’t care for it. The movie might be “objectively” good and have redeemable qualities but I was not entertained. It just means that it wasn’t for me – though it might be perfectly awesome for someone else.

  3. Hope you dont mind, but i’m giving my reaction on all 7 🙂

    1.) IB
    I agree. I thought it’d be super amazing (actually thought it was based on some sort of true story, but the ending shows its not) and was very disappointed. Not disappointed cause it was bad, but disappointed cause it wasn’t as great as it could be
    2.) Cop Out
    I knew this was going to be bad, and never bothered watching it
    3.) IM2
    Going into blockbuster sequels, I never expect much, and I got what i expected. Severely over the top, no dynamic characters at all, and VERY disappointed in Don Cheedle.
    4.) SPvsWorld
    Haven’t seen it yet
    5.) Tron
    Never had high hopes for this again. I love Jeff Bridges, but this has been way down on my list of seeing. I passed up on free screening tickets for it. If I wont go see a movie for free, that says something
    6.) Shaun of the Dead
    I think you were very skewed by seeing Hot Fuzz first. Shaun of the Dead was good in its own right, but when you put it next to WTF Hot Fuzz (i call it that cause thats what i keep saying when i watch it) it pales in comparison. I’m pretty sure it was Edgar Wrights and Simon Peggs first movie to hit it big.
    7.)Clash of the Titans
    Another one that I’m not even remotely interested in seeing.
    8.) Alice in Wonderland
    This movie was horrible. I kept saying to myself “what was the budget on this movie?” Because I really felt like i was watching a B movie. It reminded me of The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, where you have a great actor, sitting alongside bad actors, a bad script, and well, just bad everything. Also Burton’s worst movie that i can remember seeing. Not sure what 1 TPAC is, but i’m surprised it got a “i didn’t care for it” rating. It was dreadful

  4. I don’t think you caught my sarcasm by calling a movie objectively good. I have not seen hot fuzz yet but i guess i have to now.

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