Biggest (Movie) Surprises – 2010

A few of these movies could’ve been on my top picks list, but I think they fit better here. I think the best way to be surprised by a movie is to have low expectations, but there is something awesome about movies that you never expected to be anything special and turn out great. Here they are in no particular order:

1. Dexter – FOUL! I know, I know, this isn’t a movie but this was such a huge surprise for me when I was going through somewhat of a movie drought. I think I watched the entire first two seasons (steaming on Netflix) in less than two weeks. I was hooked and it helps that I have a slight crush on Julie Benz. The writing is just SO GOOD. Probably the most interesting aspect is that though you should be repulsed (and sometimes are) by the character of Dexter, you can’t watch the show and not be on his side. This is a Showtime TV series, so viewer discretion strongly advised. 4 TPACS

2. Zombieland – I always forget just how much I like Woody Harrelson. I should also go on record that I strongly dislike the horror genre and I find zombies to be gross, scary, and for the most part uninteresting as a villain because they have absolutely no depth…they are just mindless. However, the quirky humor, tight dialog, and character growth will make you think twice about this movie that is more of a comedy installment and very much less of a horror film. I was surprised at how much I liked it. Oh yeah, and Bill Murray. 4 TPACS

3. Away We Go – This is one of those movies that you see on the shelf at the video store and you always think to yourself “I’d like to see that some time,” but you never do because it just isn’t as exciting as the latest Tom Cruise action/romance flick. Even when this movie arrived in the mail, I probably sat on it for a few weeks before I finally bit the bullet and put it in the DVD player. I waited too long because this movie was great. If you like Jim from The Office, then you’ll enjoy John Krasinski’s performance here as well. I think this movie will surprise you too despite its lack of star power and big budget. Don’t be shy; this movie is great. 4 TPACS

4. Megamind – Lately I feel like everything Will Ferrell touches is going to be a waste of my money. Did you know that he, for the past two years has topped Forbes’ most over-paid actor’s list? This isn’t an opinion – they figure how much the actors get paid vs. how much money their movies gross. Yeah, he’s bad. Also, I’ve never liked Jonah Hill. How did he get into movies? Fat equals funny? Since when? Anyway, I saw Megamind because I wanted to take some students on a youth trip to the movies. I don’t like the idea of seeing the latest drug induced rockstar biopic, or the gritty remake of the 80’s slasher film, so we stuck with what would be safe…a cartoon. I was only 1/2 paying attention when I realized this movie was awesome. Good for the family (or youth group) as well. 3 TPACS

5. JCVD (Jean-Claude Van Damme) – I straight up thought this was a documentary. It’s not. It just happens to be a movie about Jean-Claude Van Damme starring himself as himself. I know it’s confusing but basically it’s a story about him getting mixed up in some trouble but he’s not really a big hero/villain (like he always plays in movies) he’s just a regular guy. Simply take a crazy action movie scenario and instead of dropping in Bruce Willis as John McClaine (for example) you drop in Bruce Willis as Bruce Willis. It’s odd but in a cool way and the whole thing is in French so I hope you like sub titles. 3 TPACS

6. An Education – This movie picked up some buzz last year at the academy awards, and it looked “artsy” to me. Basically whenever a movie I’ve never even heard of is winning awards I figure it’s just the academy being their movie-snobbish selves. So when I popped this in, I expected to hate it and I didn’t. I was pretty entertained. I know what you are thinking, “you expected an award winning movie to suck?” Yep. It happens all the time. There’s no graphic violence, gratuitous sex, obnoxious swearing, or depressing overtones. Of course there’s no explosions either so it’s still kind of artsy. haha. 3 TPACS


3 thoughts on “Biggest (Movie) Surprises – 2010

  1. Biggest movie surprise for me this year?

    Easy A.

    I really thought that this movie would be terrible, and if not for some random recommendations, (sc2 stream) I would have never watched it. Ended up that it was a pretty well done movie.

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