Movies, Movies, Movies (2010)

This whole week I’ll be writing about the movies I watched in 2010. I write down every movie I watch and give it an honest rating based on quality and entertainment value. A benefit to writing down all the movies that you see is that you can make a quick reference if someone asks you if you’ve “seen any good movies lately?”

I think movies are awesome. Aside from their ability to make you think, experience emotion, scare or disturb you, or just make you curl up in laughter I think they are important because movies are our culture’s choice medium of story-telling. We need to be paying attention. Below you’ll find an explanation of my rating system.

Total movies watched in 2010: 101

74 DVD movies
27 in the theater


1 – BAD: This movie is terrible in every sense. There are very few redeeming qualities. It was poorly made and has little, if any, entertainment value

2 – NOT GREAT (or ‘meh’): This is a movie that I didn’t really enjoy though I could see why some might find it entertaining. I wouldn’t recommend, but I recognize a few good scenes. This is a rating of indifference. I came away from the movie thinking “well, I saw that.”

3 – GOOD: This movie, while not perfect, was very entertaining. I plain just had fun watching this movie. The emphasis here is entertainment value.

4 – GREAT: There is no perfect film. But this movie is well done and a lot of fun to watch. I’ll probably be talking about this movie the next day with friends and co-workers.

I think it’s important to know a few things about how I view movies. First, I don’t like a 5 point rating system b/c I feel so few movies deserve a 5 that I end up skewing my ratings so that I can avoid giving a 5 to a movie that was great but flawed. Second, my biggest concern when watching a movie is the entertainment value. I watch movies as a hobby, not as a job. So many times the difference between a 2 and a 3 is not that one movie is well made and the other isn’t. Often the distinction comes from whether or not I actually enjoyed myself.


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