Movie Trailers

I want you to take a look at the following two trailers. The first is of the movie Skyline which has already been released in theaters. The second is for Battle: Los Angeles set to release next spring. Both movies feature hostile alien encounters. Both are set in modern day Los Angeles.

After you watch the trailers, answer the questions below.


Which of these two movies would you be more likely to see (based on the trailer)?
What is the main thing that sets the second trailer apart from the first?
What is one of the most effective movie trailers that you can remember? What made it effective?

I’m looking forward to some comment discussions!


3 thoughts on “Movie Trailers

  1. Honestly, based on the trailer I would probably want to see Battle LA mainly because it looks more like it has an actual story as opposed to a mish mash of special effects. Simply from looking at the trailer it looks like it’s got a bit of a “District 9” (which I LOVED) feel to it.

  2. I really wanted to see Skyline before it came out, however it has gotten just terrible reviews. Also, a good friend of mine is a producer out in LA and said it was nearly the worst thing ever.

    Battle for LA then will have to take my love of aliens money. The trailer is darker despite the obvious attack in the first, suppose it’s the music. The Nords really know how to make depressing music, probably because they’re so far north and its cold and dark all the time.

  3. I liked the Skyline trailer. Using real media personalities gives it more of a real feel to me. Sort of a creepy real feel. Of course it doesn’t show close ups of people we might identify with as did the second movie, but overall it felt more creepy to me for some reason.

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