Toy Story

I just saw Toy Story 3 last week and though I thoroughly enjoyed the film, it made me think about the series as a whole and some elements that just don’t quite add up.

1. The toys are fully capable of going rogue.

It seems that all toys start out understanding that their purpose is to be played with (all except Buzz Lightyear). They are fulfilled in their toy-life if they are cherished by their owner and are played with frequently. But when life happens, some toys are marred and forget what they have been created for. They no longer live for their created purpose, but are driven by power and survival. This turns them against the other toys and the purpose for which they were created. I understand this is necessary to employ bad guys in the story but it doesn’t make sense because…

2. The toys are mostly oppressed by humans, not other toys.

For some reason, the rogue toys never turn on the humans but on fellow toys. If it weren’t for the carelessness, the abuse, and the misunderstanding of the humans it seems all would be well in nurseries and play rooms across the country. But for some reason none of revolutionaries figure this out and instead of fighting against the real enemy they are stuck battling each other. Can you imagine how different the story would be if it were toys vs. humans?

yes. yes I can

Well that’s not going to happen because it’s a kids movie. Except that’s exactly what happened in the first movie when…

3. The toys come alive to save their butts.

Back when there was only Toy Story we watched as the toys being pushed to the limit. They were tortured, broken, and destroyed by a bully named Sid. They toy killer is about to spell the end for Woody and suddenly the Toys attack! He gets freaked out and they are all able to escape. Hooray! I thought it was a great way to show a final straw kind of moment. The problem is that every time there is even minimal conflict…

4. It could all be avoided if they’d just come alive for the people!

“Hey Andy’s mom, please don’t sell Woody in the garage sale!”

“Hey Andy, can you take us all to college with you? Or at least make sure we all end up in the attic?”

“Hey little girl, next time you go to day care would you mind grabbing all my friends? They’ll be the ones jumping up and down and yelling on their own power in the toddler room. Thanks!”

Unfortunately, it seems like the ultimate get out of trouble card had been played too early in the grand scheme of things. I’m sure they weren’t really expecting to make 3 of these movies, but every time the toys spiral into trouble I can’t help but think it all could be avoided if they just spoke up like they did with Sid.

I really enjoyed all 3 Toy Story movies but those things kept creeping up in my mind. How about you? Is there something about these movies that bugs you?


2 thoughts on “Toy Story

  1. I liked how in the first movie, a severed toy hand was repulsive to the other toys. It’s so funny.

    I just saw Despicable Me and it was AWESOME!!!

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