3 Reasons Why All This Bad Weather is Good.

1. We will be better prepared for the Apocalypse.

According to most historians, eventually the computers will become self aware and decide to eradicate the earth of it’s most volatile and oppressive organic presence, humans. It is at this point that we will be forced to live underground, in large caverns, near the center of the earth where it is still warm.

So when our happy suburban lives are transformed into a steam-punk dream world, it won’t be so bad. Since it seems to storm every day we are starting to become accustomed to not seeing the sun and living in darker, colder environments. So when the machines are bearing down on our very existence and we lose track of the year and what nature is supposed to look like we’ll be able to say…”oh well, it’s not much different than June of 2010.”

oh...don't look so surprised.

2. More (good) music is being written.

Let’s just face the facts here. People don’t write purposeful, meaningful, inspiring music when things are going super duper good as if their life is personified by a sun-shinny day. Some music is written in times of prosperity but it’s usually not quality (see, Hip Hop). No, the real “good” music, like a good story, emerges from times of trials and difficulties. It’s when the main character (or in this case, musician) deals with sorrow and sadness, loss, and depression that they tap into the core of human emotion.

For some reason, the weather has a tangible impact on our mood. So who contemplates and writes and on a sunny day? Nobody. You go to the water park. All the “emo” artistic people when encouraged by the never ending onslaught of rain and storms will find all the inspiration they need to pen meaningful art.

"so what's a good word that rhymes with slide?"

3. You save money.

Summer begs you to spend money. There are more cookouts, festivals, concerts, blockbuster movies, ice cream shops, vacation spots, and water parks open during the summer months than any time during the year. Many of  those activities can exist for a mere 3 months of the entire year because we go bonkers during the summer spending all our hard-earned dollars. And don’t forget perhaps the biggest waste of money (though I must have it), air conditioning!

runs on money

So when the sun is blocked and the cool rain floods our planet be thankful that a marathon of checkers and Who’s The Boss reruns cost pennies compared to a trip to Six Flags with the family.


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