10 Years Ago

The other day I was just thinking about how much things have changed in just the last decade. The advancement of technology alone baffles me. I starting thinking of questions to ask myself to take a fun stroll down memory lane and to get a snapshot of what has happened to me since then.

10 years ago, did you have a cell phone?

-I was probably just getting serious about getting one. Up to that point the only people I knew that had a cell phone were my youth minister and my friends who had them stored in their glove box for emergency use only.

10 years ago, did you own a fuel efficient car?

-The summer before my senior year of high school, I bought a 1988 Ford Mustang GT (5.0). I think it got around 12 mpg. But it was all kinds of awesome.

10 years ago, could you have predicted the job you currently have?

-Negative. I didn’t really know what I wanted to do until maybe my junior year of college. My 10 year younger self would have laughed at what I’m currently doing…mostly because of irony. I spent my college days convincing myself that music and arts would be a terrible and difficult path to go, so I just kind of avoided it.

10 years ago, do you still have the same best friend?

I guess that’s the thing about best friends – they can easily change when you change your context. My best friend in high school was Justin Lucky. I’ve only recently reconnected with him via Facebook and it’s been easily 10 years since we’ve spoke.

10 years ago, did you even know what a GPS was?

-I don’t think anyone did. The first time I saw a GPS was probably in 2002. And even then I thought it was just something people used for hiking and biking and that kind of thing.

10 years ago, did you own a computer?

-Yes. My parents got me a computer from Tiger Direct so that I’d have one when I went to college. That computer had 256MB of RAM and I doubled it to a hefty 512 for like $40. It couldn’t have had more than 2GB of hard drive space. The computer I bought just last month has 1TB (that’s 1000 GB) of hard drive space and 6GB of RAM. And I don’t think I paid much more than what my parents did back in 1998.

10 years ago, did you play any instruments?

-Yep. I started playing guitar just before my freshman year of high school. Back then I played it a LOT and I improved very quickly. I feel like I haven’t improved my technique in over 4 years…which is probably not true, but the improvements are likely less quantifiable. I did teach myself to play drums. I didn’t start that until I was out of college.

10 years ago, did you figure you’d have a family started?

-Actually no. I always used to believe that I wouldn’t get married. I just had a feeling. Everyone told me I was crazy, but here I am – no wife and only a few illegitimate children who live with their mothers in Mexico (that’s a joke).

10 years ago, did you have the same hobbies that you have now?

Yes and no. I still like to play video games. My parents always figured we’d (my brothers and I) grow out of them. I still like to play music and play around with new instruments. What’s new is that I now enjoy owning and riding motorcycles. Also, I’ve found a real hobby out of writing and reading. Two things that I generally avoided a decade ago.

10 years ago, did you know anything?

This is the funny one. 10 years ago, I knew everything. Now, I realize that I don’t really know anything.


6 thoughts on “10 Years Ago

  1. Answer them if you like, Kyle! It would be cool to hear what other people would put down there.

    Mikey – yeah, it’s hard to believe that its been that long since we were sitting on a couch outside the Hole listening to Luzio go on and on about his new roommate Michael P. Cannes.

  2. I’m glad you’ve picked up the writing and reading habits. I always thought you’d make an excellent news reporter, because you were so incredible observant and could write about it succulently. Journalism for printed news seems to be going the way of the dinosaur, so maybe it’s just as well that you didn’t head that direction. Just the same, both your dad and I enjoy writing.

    I’m glad you’ve picked up with reading as well. It’s always been my favorite pastime since I picked out my first Curious George book from the library when I was 4 years old. It always amazed me that you boys didn’t seem to enjoy reading much. Now, you and Jon are both readers. That makes me sort of happy for some reason.

    Good post!

  3. Quite a reflective post. Reflection is something that people don’t do much of any more. Now, what if a person thought about what they wanted their life to be like ten years from now and then work toward that. If I were to do that I would be looking at the age of retirement for many people, 65 years old.

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