Biggest Movie Surprises of 2009

The key to being surprised by a movie is to either have little to no expectation for it’s entertainment value OR to have the wrong impression about the style and type of movie it is going to be. Of course you must do all of these things before you even see the movie.

5. Star Trek XI

One of the things that can completely ruin a movie is too much hype. Before I saw Star Trek I was already sick of it. You couldn’t watch TV or movies without running into one of the many trailers or one of the stupid Burger King commercials. So when I went to the theater I figured it would be fun but certainly not good. Boy was I wrong! I don’t want to say too much because this movie will show up later this week on another list, but it really took me by surprise and it’s made Star Trek a new cool thing for younger generations. 4 TPACs

4. 500 Days of Summer

“Another chick flick…” is what I was ready for. I’ve saw my fair share of chick flicks in 2009 so I figured this would be just the same. I try not to see many of these kinds of movies in the theater because I think they work better in your own home with some hot cocoa and a blanket (or ice tea and a oscillating fan if it’s in the summer) snuggled up with a special someone. Well this movie certainly isn’t a chick flick and I would probably refer to it as an anti-romantic comedy. I’d heard that it was good, but this movie made me fall in love with Zooey Deschanel. 4 TPACs

3. I Love You Man

This movie I didn’t really know anything about. I just saw it on a whim one night when there was nothing to do and I was in a mall w/ a movie theater. I had seen a trailer one time and from it I thought it was going to be about a guy who was getting married but didn’t have any guy friends to be in his wedding party. So on his quest to make new guy friends he’d become gay and the wedding would be off. Well the plot is nothing like that, and instead I was treated to a movie about a dude looking to have another dude for a good friend. There was some hilarious stuff in there about how guys act, think, and talk and it’s pretty right on. A great movie in a popular new genre affectionately referred to as bromantic comedy. 4 TPACs

2. Hot Fuzz

When this movie came in my Netflix, I desperately needed it. You always go through that phase where no movie sounds good and you kind of get burned out on bad or unoriginal ideas. I actually thought that Hot Fuzz was going to be a Super Troopers knock off…a low budget comedy featuring idiotic police officers and plenty of low-brow humor. Again, I was way wrong. This movie was downright hilarious and clever in a way that made me excited to see more of Simon Pegg. I’ve got Shawn of the Dead in my queue at the time of writing this. 4 TPACs

1. The Fast and the Furious 4

Are you serious?!?! You might be thinking that but yes I’m serious. This isn’t after all a list of the best movies but the biggest surprises. I went to see F&F4 mostly because my roommate was super pumped about it. I figured it would be a massive train wreck because A) sequels are almost always bad and this was the 4th installment and B) they actually brought back Vin Diesel and Paul Walker whose careers have been less than stellar. Vin completely carried the first movie which wasn’t great, but very fun and (you have to admit) very influential. Seems like after Fast and Furious first hit theaters every teen and college age kid with a few expendable dollars and a small foreign car was slapping on buzzing exhausts and giant plastic spoilers. Anyway I had it in my mind that I would loathe Paul Walker every second of the movie and I would probably doing fist pumps at every cool scene with Vin Diesel racing cars and throwing punches. Well I actually didn’t hate PW and the movie was (like the first) very fun to watch. Most importantly is the fact that the car chase scenes were extremely impressive and likely have set the bar very high for that kind of thing. I had a great time when I expected to walk away with nothing but material to make fun of at a later date. Surprise surprise! 3 TPACs


4 thoughts on “Biggest Movie Surprises of 2009

  1. Good list! I definitely agree with the Star Trek comments. As a big Star Wars fan, I really wasn’t expecting much, but I actually enjoyed it. Also, Shaun of the Dead did for me what Hot Fuzz did for you. After I saw Shaun of the Dead, I had to watch Hot Fuzz.

  2. I could not believe how many people had never seen Star Trek growing up. I figured everyone had at least seen it, but now at least people are rediscovering the glory of Kirk and Spock.

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