Merry Christmas!!

Well it’s been a great week of blogging. I don’t know if I have concentrated that much blogging since the creation of These People Are Crazy. It was challenging for me to come up with all the content, and it was even more challenging to write it all down especially since the only time I had to do it was usually around midnight.

The final post of the Xmas Week Blogging Bonannza is actually a gift from all of us over here at TPAC. I say “us” because our gift is the most recent PODCAST. We recorded this a month ago or so but I’ve been waiting for a good time to release it. It’s still not syncing right with iTunes, so don’t even try going there. Hopefully in the near future we’ll have more episodes and an easier way to access them. But for now I give you:

These People Are Crazy: The Podcast – Episode 15

Show Notes:
-A Movie We Haven’t Seen (The Fourth Kind)
-Gross Foods from McDonald’s Around The Globe
-The Final Countdown


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