I Got Pulled Over Again!

I got pulled over again. This is the 3rd time in the last year. I’m starting to get a little paranoid.

My left headlight went out sometime over the summer and so I replaced it. Then it went out again after a heavy rain a few weeks later leading me to believe that there is a bad seal around the lamp. So I’ve been driving around for a few weeks with only one low beam.

When the cop pulled me over he said, “I pulled you over because you have a headlight out. Did you know it was out?”


“Well, you really should get that fixed. It’s a stupid reason to get a ticket for.”

He told me that if I didn’t already have a warning for the same thing he’d give me a warning instead of a ticket (score!). All I could think of at that point was, ‘hey if it’s such a stupid way to get a ticket, why don’t you save us both some time and not pull me over since I happen to believe that it is also a stupid reason to give a ticket.’

Getting pulled over never really goes like I think it should. This is probably because in movies getting pulled over is usually hilarious. Here are some ways to get out of a ticket.

1. Make the cop drink pee (Dumb and Dumber).

2. Get the cop high accidentally because you are unknowingly driving a delivery truck made out of weed (Cheech and Chong ‘Up In Smoke’).

conservative cheech and chong media
conservative cheech and chong media

3. Trick the cop with imaginary bees (Tommy Boy).

From left to right: Tommy, Richard, Bees (not pictured)
From left to right: Tommy, Richard, Bees (not pictured)

6 thoughts on “I Got Pulled Over Again!

  1. Maybe you should buy those irritating halogen lights… they look like you have your brights on when you don’t.

    On second thought you might get pulled over for having those dangerous peeling door handles. (Post a pic) 😉

    1. I don’t even know what you are talking about. You just have really soft fingers that can’t handle the edge of a STICKER!

  2. Oh yeah, you should know that your town does not give verbal warnings – per the chief. You will likely at least get a warning ticket every time you get pulled over there. If they see you have a warning, you will be less likely to get another.

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