What Is The Deal With Sonic?

Over the last year the Naperville/Aurora area has spawned a few additions to the Sonic fast food chain. As it is with all new restaurants (especially when new to a geographical area), Sonic has enjoyed a flurry of excitement and business, packed parking lots, and long lines. But for the life of me, I can’t figure out what the big deal is. When making a statement like that, I realize the fanboys will come from the woodwork defending their favorite chain, but let’s all be a little objective in evaluating this fast food joint.

Food Quality: average

Sonic is fast food. Let’s not forget that and begin comparing it to places that put a little more effort into food and less into fast. After eating there several times over the last few years, I can say that absolutely nothing stands out in terms of food quality. It’s not bad, but I’m not clamoring for more. Fries are less than average. Nothing to see here.

Food as exciting as this picture
Food as exciting as this picture

Atmosphere: fun once.

It is a drive-in, and if you notice that is their big selling point. It’s their biggest gimic. You drive up, order via a intercom system, and then a girl on skates wheels your food out to you. But why is that good? I have no idea. First of all, fast food will make your car stink in a matter of minutes. I certainly don’t want to eat an entire meal in the Matrix unless I have to. No worries, they have alternative seating right? Sure, but only outside. Ok maybe a drive-in isn’t very practical. About the skates…yesterday I genuinely felt sorry for our food delivery girl b/c she looked about 1 wrong move from face planting on the sidewalk.

Sonic (the hedgehog). Faster, and slightly more enjoyable.
Sonic (the hedgehog). Faster, and slightly more enjoyable.

Menu: average (interesting beverages)

There isn’t anything on the menu that you won’t find at just about any other place besides Tots. I mean tots are ok, but I’m going to choose fries every time. There is little diversity which is normal for fast food, but remember I’m trying to figure out why people flock to this establishment.

Price: average

Comparable to any other burger joint.

Overall: AVERAGE

The bottom line is that Sonic isn’t frying up anything but mediocrity. There’s no reason to drive past other burger joints to get to one unless you just dig sitting in your car or maybe know someone who works there. So when one opens up where you live and you don’t rush to try it out during the grand opening, you aren’t really missing anything besides waiting 30 min to get food you can eat in 10.


Truth be told, I made this entire post so I could post this picture.


7 thoughts on “What Is The Deal With Sonic?

  1. I totally agree. Mom and I ate there this summer. We of course sat in the car, and it was hot. The hamburger bun was left over from last week and not very good. I had the onion rings and they were surprisingly good. We didn’t have any special drinks other than pop. I’d give this place a C-. On the other hand, their commercials are very good. I like them tons better than the food.

  2. We tried Sonic for the first time a couple months ago because we heard so much hype about it, and our feelings are encompassed exactly by your post. We couldn’t quite figure out what the big deal was. I can’t see us going back for much of any reason.

  3. however i must say my all-time favorite breakfast burrito is the super-sonic breakfast burrito…worth every penny!! (and always has me coming back for more!!)

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