A Tribute to Musical Nerds

I just thought I’d post some of my favorite Youtube videos featuring talented artists who aren’t afraid to revert do their nerdy roots in order to jam out to their favorite videogame. Parents, let this be a lesson to you: if all your child wants to do is lock himself in the basement and play video games, please put a guitar or something down with him. You might end up with a young adult who can not only get the top score in Contra but also be able to play the entire score with ridiculous accuracy.  And here they are:

Contra Jungle Jam – this dude has some chops and of course pays tribute to an old classic. Listening to this reminds me of how awesome the old NES game music was.

Halo Live – These nerds had to leave the basement, but their performance is unbelievable. Never did the violin look so cool.

Mario Piano – Probably THE most recognizable videogame music ever. You can find people playing these songs on just about every instrument that can carry a melody.

Zelda Theme – on an instrument that may or may not really exist..except in someone’s basement.

Final Fantasy VII – The music in this game is absolutely stunning and really helps drive the story. If you played this game you probably have very fond memories of the score. What’s nerdier than ochestra? An orchestra that plays videogame theme songs.


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